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Cairns Greyhound Racing Club
A.B.N  29 647 700 434
Cannon Park Racecourse
Woree CAIRNS QLD 4870
Cairns Greyhound Racing Club
PO Box 298E
PHONE:  07 4054 1036
FAX:  07 4054 1036
President : Emma Bryant
Phone 4091 3316

Vice :

Treasurer : Bev Van Dine

Committee :
Greg Manski
Arthur Gosper
Jeff Down
Peter Kennedy

These days the Cairns Greyhound Racing Club is endeavouring to bring more people back to the sport of Greyhound Racing.

We race most Saturday nights at Cannon Park & welcome new trainers and owners to our club along with visiting trainers and their dogs who we love to see grace our track.

Our hard working committee are hoping to see our club once again flourish with many new ideas and our ongoing support from our locals.

Should you have any questions on our club please feel free to contact our Club President who is more than happy to help in any way possible.

We want to make 2010 our best year, please help support us !!